Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Colour Continues

Is Ballarat one of the most colourful cities in Australia?
On Wednesday morning a slight touch of pink in the sky well before sunrise had me heading up to Lake Wendouree. Though initially the colour looked to be fading, by the time I had decided on my spot for the morning it started to build, and almost surprisingly, developed into quite a spectacular display of colour. At first it was a small band of colour nicely placed around Mt Warrenheip, and slowly it built up to encompass the whole sky. I'm glad I made the effort as the weather deteriorated throughout the day and the rain started to fall. 


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesdays Aerial Adventures

Tuesday's forecast was for calm weather, so I was up at Lake Wendouree for the sunrise.....though I didn't get to see the sun! Still, a couple of nice images was a good reward, and I'm always happy to go flying.
Later in the day I headed out to Lake Burrumbeet, and the clouds that had moved in again after a clear afternoon made for some great reflections in the constantly changing surface of the lake as it continues to fill slowly. Some good rain forecast over the next week will raise the levels even further and offer new views, which really benefit from the high vantage point. I'm really loving the abstracts I'm get from out at Burrumbeet!


Monday, May 23, 2016

Full Moon magic

Another week starts with a full moon setting at Lake Wendouree above the Yacht Club. When I first arrived here the sky was clear, though it didn't take very long for the clouds to move in and add just the right amount of drama to the scene. And by setting a slow shutter speed I was able to slow down the water surface into this texture. Just a few minutes after this the clouds totally covered up the moon. A bit later the sun did make a valiant effort to show itself which I captured a bit further around amongst the boat shed, before the final image of the yachts at rest.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Super Sturt Street Sunday Sunrise

The colour continues..... On Sunday morning I could see we were in for another colourful sunrise, and for something a bit different I decided to head down to Sturt Street and catch the colour looking east out toward Mt Warrenheip. It was quite a show and certainly a bit different to my usual sunrises.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Keeping Up With The Colour

We are in a very colourful spell at the moment, as shown by Saturday's sunrise and sunset here in Ballarat at Lake Wendouree. Started the day at the end of the rowing course where the judges box always makes a nice subject, both from ground level and up high. 
Then later in the day the sunset started off a bit tame, and then gradually built into a spectacular display of intense colour.
I've a feeling Sunday morning may be colourful, too......!


Fridays Fun Up High

....and here are the aerials from a fantastic Friday of photography. 
Starting with some nice foggy shots out at Mt Kooroocheang where the landscape is finally starting to green up nicely. Later in the day, with the weather still calm, a visit to the Ballarat Yacht Club rooms at Lake Wendouree gave me a couple of great angles. And finally, I couldn't resist a quick trip to Silvers Circus Big Top under the lights just as the colour in the sky was starting to fade.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Some Hills and a Lake

With a forecast of calm weather for Friday morning I was up nice and early. However, the conditions here in Ballarat were grey and dull, so I headed north, hoping once I got over the hills into Creswick things would lighten a bit. In fact I had to go well past Creswick before I found some interesting views. As it turned out, I ended up out at Kooroocheang and came home home with a great collection of hills. First up here is Green Hill, just west of Allendale, where the rising sun found a gap in the clouds. Then just a bit further north this long view of Mt Moorookyle was pretty nice. Even further north over towards Smeaton another long view of Mt Koorrocheang shows just how dramatic the clouds were. Coming home, a quick stop at Newlyn where this view of Forest Hill with a new crop was a great end to the morning....but not the day!......A final burst of colour Lake Wendouree over a calm surface was a great end to the day, at least from ground level!
And I haven't even got to the aerials yet!!