Thursday, February 11, 2016

From Mud to Moon

I made another visit out to Lake Burrumbeet on Thursday to check on the recent changes there with the lack of follow up rain and the continuing warm weather. As you can see from this image it's not looking great...and it was a very muddy hike out to this spot to get anywhere near the water. Unless we get some big rain soon its only going to get worse.
Coming home I could see a bit of colour starting to form and at Windermere the often photographed silos were the perfect complement to the sky and the new crescent moon. Driving back into Ballarat I had a feeling there may still be another image or two to capture at Lake Wendouree, and with the moon sitting above the Yacht Club I grabbed a few more images. The lights on the decking really added a nice touch to the still colourful sky, and a long exposure added some great texture to the's amazing how long the colour can last in the sky!


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Skeleton Tree

Once again on Wednesday evening there wasn't a cloud to spotted in the sky, so I needed to find a subject matter that would make the most of the clear skies. I have been to this spot at Lake Burrumbeet quite a number of times and this time I wanted to play around with lens starburst effects. You get this by stopping the lens right down, in this case to f22. The Canon 16-35mm lens is known for its nice starbursts, shown particularly well here in the second image.
A word of warning...if you are heading out to Lake Burrumbeet be prepared......the water level continues to drop, but before I really noticed that, as soon as I got out of the car it was the smell that hit me first, and I was quite a distance from the actual shoreline!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bullarook Drenching

This set is from Monday nights session out at Bullarook. All taken with the big zoom lens to get right into the action. Who needs clouds when you have something like this to work with!


The Aftermath

Back on the 19th December, a big fire raged through Scotsburn, south of Ballarat. I captured a series of images looking across Lake Wendouree towards the fire that I posted back then. I've been wanting to visit the area to see what it looks like now, especially from the air, however I did not want to appear disrespectful to the locals by rushing down immediately after the fire. So I've waited until now to travel down south of Buninyong. I didn't venture too far off the highway to capture this series of stark, intriguing images. Nice to see some great re-growth already appearing in some spots. I've also added in another image from the day of the fire that I hadn't posted before. This shows the amazing smoke columns as the cool change came through and really stirred things up. Interestingly, this view, taken from the north side of Lake Wendouree, also shows the end of my street!


Monday, February 8, 2016

Water Across The Sky

Once again on Monday, we had clear, cloud-free skies. So I headed out looking for a subject that would include something to fill up the vast sky area. Out at Bullarook I found a perfectly placed irrigator with the setting sun behind that kept me busy for quite a while. This series covers about 18 minutes and gives you a great indication of how the colour increases in intensity as the sun heads towards the horizon.
I also took a series of close-ups, and as much as I like these, wait to you see them....some pretty amazing images in that lot, coming soon!


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Quarry Quest

After Saturdays visit to the quarry at Miners Rest, I couldn't resist a return visit, so I was out there bright and early before sunrise. As you can see from this set it really is quite a find...some amazing landforms and the 2 lakes really add something unique to the whole landscape. There were some perfectly placed clouds above that added some great reflections in the water and the colour of that water is amazing. It would be a great place to get into to explore, though I think its the aerial views that works best with a site like this.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

13.338 Kilometres

Would you believe these 2 images were taken only 13.3kms apart? The first at the Ballarat Gold Mine Project in Mt Pleasant, about 3.5kms south of the city, and the other one about 8kms north west at Miners Rest. It's amazing what you can find by scouring Google maps. I have been to the Gold Mine before, however this was my first trip to the quarry. It's an amazing place and from what I captured I can assure I'll be going back...especially for a sunrise!