Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Minus 3

A very cold start to Tuesday here in Ballarat. A local walk produced a number of interesting images on a very frosty morning that turned into a lovely winter's day. I don't  often photograph flowers, though I couldn't resist this camellia and its jewell-like drops.
Another big frost forecast again for Wednesday.....I've got a feeling its going to be awesome!


Monday, July 21, 2014

The Millpond

On Monday evening I was headed out to Lake Burrumbeet, however the clouds tempted me to change plans and head a bit further north to Lake Learmonth. It was one of the calmest visits I've ever had out there....and the clouds really helped out. I was actually heading back to the car on 2 separate occasions when I realised the colours were building even more and so went back out to the shoreline to catch the finale colours. 


Sunday, July 20, 2014


On Sunday afternoon I took a friend down to the Lal Lal Creek/Moorabool River area for a bit of exploration work. First stop at Lal Lal Falls and this view of the falls through the trees was best suited for a mono tonal look...and certainly a view a bit different from the usual. After that a spot well down stream of the falls has a umber of nice cascades before the creek runs into the Lal Lal Reservoir. Finally a quick trip around to the largely unknown Moorabool Gorge, an area that always makes a big impression.
That first one here is really worth clicking on for a larger view.


Saturday, July 19, 2014


After 2 days of no waterfalls I hit the road on Saturday to re-visit the Corinella Falls at Eganstown. Water flow was down a bit from the first visit I made back on June 26 but I had more time to explore and managed to get myself further around in front of the falls for this view. The trees at the top really add to the overall composition here and some nice filtered light makes a change from the usual overcast conditions I look for when photographing waterfalls. After scrambling around at the base (its the messiest falls I've been to in terms of logs, broken branches, blackberries etc) I went back up top and precariously perched right on the edge of the left side flow for the second image here.
One thing that will have me returning is the smaller falls that were flowing to the left of the main falls. I tried hard but couldn't get to it for a shot and on investigating from up top it comes from a totally separate water course that flows off the big hill behind here. As soon as we get some more decent rain I'll be back to get the shot, and name this new falls!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Morning at Mt Buninyong

There was talk of overnight snow on Thursday evening, with Mt Buninyong being one of the likely candidates. So I got up nice and early and headed down there well before sunrise. I knew well before getting there the snow was a no-show as it was too warm.  I still got some nice images of the sun breaking free of the clouds on the horizon, and a couple as the sun's warm light bathed the side of the mountain.


The ABC OPEN Interview

I was interviewed earlier this week for the ABC OPEN Project...here is a link that you might like to visit....and please pass this on.


Thursday, July 17, 2014


Back to something a bit more familiar on Thursday - Winter sunrise at Lake Wendouree. A chilly start brought some nice colours on the western side of the lake, always a nice way to start the day.