Sunday, December 21, 2014

12 Hours 45 Minutes

14 Hours 45 Minutes - that's how much daylight we had on Sunday - the Summer Solstice. So I was out at Dean Reservoir for sunrise and finished the day off with a nice sunset at Lake Wendouree. So now we begin the long march back to the winter solstice in June, though not without plenty of long days for quite a while yet!
In between I managed to grab a view of Melbourne from the 59th floor of the Eureka Tower that worked well in black and white.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Early Rise

On Saturday I was up very early for a trip north out to Smeaton. Well before the sunrise I caught a nice crescent moon above Birch's Hill, and then just on sunrise I spotted a group of 3 kangaroos in a paddock in Cowies Lane. Some quick work with the big zoom lens and I had a couple of images that I was pretty happy with, especially the stare. I have always found the kangaroos are quick to bound off into the distance, so it was nice to have this group linger for a while.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday's Find - Field of Colour

By Friday evening there wasn't a cloud in sight in any direction so I wasn't sure what I was coming home with. Driving around Mt Warrenheip I found this irrigator that was casting a nice rainbow....within a minute or 2 the sun had dropped behind the mountain and cut off the sunlight....and that was it.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday's Bonus

On Wednesday we received a small leaflet in the mail to let us know there would be some fireworks up at Lake Wendouree off the jetty on the east side on Thursday at 9.20pm. I found out on Friday that they were to celebrate the life of Sinead Pulford, a young girl that had recently passed away.
So we ventured up to the lake to see what would happen...they were quite lucky it got to go ahead as the weather had been showery all day. I found what I thought was a good spot and as soon as they started I was madly shooting what turned out to be a really nice display. As we were so close to it they were going off right above us in some bursts, and the noise when you're that close is very loud! And as we were down wind from the jetty we were showered with debris and thick smoke - great fun! And a great celebration of Sinead's life.


The North West Corner

Thursday evening found me out on the north west corner of Lake Burrumbeet, where  some late sunlight lit up the fields. This small dam always makes a nice combination with the lake behind it, and the addition of the sheep gives it that little bit extra. 
As I was driving back to Ballarat I could see the clouds starting to fire up a bit so I grabbed the chance to shoot this image at the Old Ballarat Cemetery.
I had to get home in time for something very unusual for a Thursday night in Ballarat.....I'll post those next!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Creek and a Tree

On Wednesday evening I was out at Smeaton and had a chance to check out Birchs' Creek and was pleased to find its still flowing quite nicely, and some late sun reflected off the trees in the water looked very nice. And then on the way back to Ballarat I knew this old pine tree would be a nice stop off as the sun was just setting. I'm thinking of putting together a guide book for photographers of all the trees I know of locally that make for great subjects!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesdays Travels

On Tuesday I headed out to the Clarkes Hill/Dean area north east of Ballarat, and was fortunate to find quite a range of conditions. The pyrethrum is past its peak, though it still cuts quite a vista and the rainbow that briefly appeared makes it just that bit more special.
This view of Wombat Hill is one I have taken quite often and at this time of the year the sun is a long way to the south well to the left of the hilltop.
The next image here is a great example of knowing the district so well --- as I was driving back to town the sun was dropping quickly and I knew I only had a very small time frame to find something to make the most of these conditions, so a quick dash down Madderns Rd where I know this tree makes a great anchor to the view in the background. And a quick change of cameras allowed me to zoom in to catch the last sliver of sun before it disappeared. All up, a pretty good session...and it was the coldest I've felt for a long time after a very warm day!