Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Unique and Spectacular

As those who follow my blog know, I visit Lake Wendouree very often. So sometimes it can get hard to find something new worth sharing. Well all that changed on Wednesday morning when an early morning visit paid off big time with one of the most spectacular cloud formations I have seen any where. I was actually planning on heading out of town though as I was getting petrol I noticed this massive band of clouds sitting above Lake Wendouree so I quickly changed plans and made my way up to the lake to capture some amazing images of the roll or shelf cloud formations (still not exactly sure of its title, though I'm leaning towards shelf cloud.) The first 3 images cover 18 minutes, in fact the first image here is the first image I took, and then I proceeded to watch and marvel as the light changed. And the last 3 here gives a very unique viewpoint, don't they?!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Chasing the light again on Tuesday, and the only place that had any potential was once again at Lake Burrumbeet.......I thought this 50/50 refection was pretty nice!

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Birds

Though there was a pretty nice sunset at Lake Burrumbeet on a cold Monday evening, the nights images were really all about the birds...the pelicans in particular. In the north east corner of the lake I came across the biggest batch so far that I was actually able to get close enough to to catch some great images as they all rose as one into the sky. Fortunately one of these liftoffs was just as there was a break in the sky to let the setting golden sunlight through. Just another example of why I'm such a regular visitor to Lake Burrumbeet.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Selection

Sunday was a very cold day here in Ballarat, and I know I was not the only one hoping for some snow. We did get a few fleeting flakes around mid afternoon that had me ready to go. Nothing further came from that and when I headed out later in the day the best I was hoping for was some nice, stormy skies. A first stop out at Wombat Hill for a couple of panoramas, and then I chased the light right up to Smeaton to finally catch a rainbow with Mt Kooroocheang in the background, and then a late burst if light over the lower slopes of Mt Moorookyle.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Waterfall Way

I've got a group coming down from Shepparton Camera Club next weekend, so on Saturday I made another trip down to the falls on the Moorabool River to check on conditions for next weekend. The flow is actually up a bit from last weekend, and with more rain forecast this week things should be ideal for an afternoon of exploration.
First here is my favourite view of Granite Falls and some breaks of sunlight really helped light up the trees. Then a quick view of Moorabool Falls before I spent some time playing in the cascades halfway between the 2 falls. There is a spot up on the south embankment where you can get a glimpse of the 2 falls from the one spot just by doing a 180....quite a unique occurrence, especially as these 2 falls are so totally different.


Some Local Wildlife

Here's a few more from Thursday...firstly the morning visit out to Learmonth where the sheep were quite inquisitive for a change...usually they bolt the other way when you get near. And boy, were they vocal! They probably thought I'd come to feed them.
And then after lunch on my run around Lake Wendouree I noticed a sulphur crested cockatoo perched in a hole in one of the trees, and as soon as I got home I rushed back with camera to find this pair getting ready for their upcoming family additions.


Friday, July 24, 2015

Three Hills

On Friday late in the day, though the sun was no where to be seen, we had a huge storm front move through with some spectacular clouds. I was out on the side of Wombat Hill for this first one, looking to the east across the newly sown potato fields. Then just a kilometre up the same road there was some nice views looking to the south east. Coming home through Ballarat a quick detour up to the Black Hill Lookout for a view across Ballarat just as the lights of the city are coming to life. I reckon this is post is a great example of finding worthwhile images when you feel the lack of sunlight, or brighter conditions may be holding you back.