Buninyong and Burrumbeet

I've got millions of images here to work through so here's a couple from the last few days.
Another lovely sunrise from Mt Buninyong on Friday, and then a scene from out on the west side of Lake Burrumbeet...as you can see the harvest is in full swing around the district at the moment.


A Tale of Two Lakes

Saturday morning started with a pretty nice sunrise at Lake Burrumbeet. I used to be able to drive to this part of the lake shore, however access has been blocked for some time now so it's a bit of hike, though well worth as this small island and it's trees always seems to offer something worthwhile.
Later in the day around 5pm a big downpour hit (remember to keep your windows closed at home when the rain is coming in from the east with a big wind behind it!). We had 15mm in a very short burst whilst the "official" Ballarat recording station at the Airport didn't receive a drop. I had a feeling it might pass through before sunset and so I was up at Lake Wendouree's south east corner for some beautiful, calm conditions, first looking across to the Yacht Club and then moving around to the right this view of the small pavilion on View Point.


The Tower at the Top

On Friday morning well before dawn I was heading around the north side of Lake Wendouree when I looked across towards Mt Buninyong and realised that's where I needed to be! Whilst Mt Warrenheip was clear, I could see hanging over the top of Buninyong a nice canopy of low lying cloud, so I did a u-turn and headed out that way. I arrived in plenty of time, however it wasn't till just on the sunrise that some of the clouds started to light up above the mountain and lookout tower, and this is the result. As you can imagine I captured a number of images, however I like to let the occasional image bask in it's own glory.

A Couple of Hills

After some great rain over the last 24 hours that has really freshened everything up, I went for a bit of a drive just before sunset on Thursday. I was heading out to Lake Burrumbeet....but I didn't make it! The clouds north of the freeway at Windermere led me north where this first image of some fantastic broody skies had me making my first stop. That's Saddleback Hill on the horizon.
Minutes after this the sky opened up for a huge downpour and I had to move quick to make the most of it to grab this rainbow with, once again, Saddleback Hill in the background. The clouds were moving through quickly and the rainbow was gone in a flash as I made my way up along side, you guessed it, Saddleback Hill for another great sky. 
Thinking that may be it, I decided to go home via Lake Learmonth and once again the conditions had me on the Lake's edge for one last shot for the evening. In the background you can see, surprise surprise, Weatherboard Hill!


The North Shore

Another colourful sunrise on Wednesday morning at Lake Wendouree. This series is all from the north side of the lake and covers 28 minutes from before dawn to just as the sun rises. These 3 boat sheds always make a nice subject and the small crescent moon once again adds that nice extra element.


Bookends to the Day

Some fantastic colour at Lake Wendouree on Tuesday, firstly with a great sunrise that really put on a colourful show, and whilst the sunset didn't have the same colour, it certainly had the clouds to make up for it. And thanks to some birds for once again adding that extra element to a couple of these.Three from the morning, three from the evening......


Is This It? 2

Do you remember a week or so ago I posted what I considered to be my favourite Forget-me-nots image from Mt Warrenheip? I'd made many visits there to capture that image, and whilst I'll always continue to return in the future, it's going to take something very special to top that image.
On Monday morning a similar experience occurred out at Lake Burrumbeet. You've seen many pelican images lately, in fact I haven't posted a lot of them as how many do you really want to see?!
On they way out west on Monday morning the conditions looked clear and cloudless, nothing too exciting, however as soon as I could see the lake I realised there were a few pockets of low lying mist, usually perfect conditions for photography, especially with the calm conditions. And the pelicans were in full force. I came home with an exceptional collection of images, however today I'm posting just the one...this could well be my favourite pelican image of all time.
Take a guess at how many are there....I'll tell you tomorrow and I think you'll be surprised!

Buninyong and Burrumbeet

I've got millions of images here to work through so here's a couple from the last few days. Another lovely sunrise from Mt Buninyon...