The forecast for Sunday morning was calm and freezing cold and that's exactly how it turned out (minus 3.4, in fact!). I had a fantastic morning both above and at ground level capturing an incredible array of images. Initially heading out of town I ended up back at Lake Wendouree where the fog was lingering and, after many stops, I was coming around the south side of the lake when this view caught my eye. I quickly pulled up and from just near St Pat's Point this was the view looking across to the Yacht Club area. I took heaps of images, just watching and waiting as the birds came and went, finally deciding to leave when the fog had cleared. I especially like the very subtle outline of Nazareth House in the background. So only the one image to share at this stage...this one deserved to be on its own. Make sure you click on it for the full size view!

A Saturday to Remember

The forecast for Saturday was for calm weather, so I was keen to capture some aerials as it had been windy for quite a few days. However when I left home there was a bit of drizzle around so I had to be content with ground level images. I'm not complaining! It turned out to be one of those mornings where the more you drive around the more you find.
Started with a lovely crescent moon out north of Creswick well before can also spot one of the planets as well.
From there I headed west as I could see some low lying fog out around the hills. Out around Ascot as I was heading west I caught a glimpse of some sunrise colour behind me and quickly pulled over to catch this sunrise over Mt Coghill. It started off tame enough, and then developed into something quite extraordinary, especially when zooming in to the top of the hill as the sun lit up the clouds and low lying mist.
I was pretty content with the morning, little realising there was plenty left to capture! Coming back past Shallowback Hill I spotted the mist pouring over the hill, to be topped off by the rainbow behind....quite an amazing sight and my favourite from the morning. And then a view looking across to Mt Hollowback was worth another stop. One last stop for another rainbow looking south below an incredible cloud front moving through - whew, what a morning!
Oh, the sunset at Lake Wendouree that night wasn't too shabby, either!

Another Lake Wendouree Morning To Remember

Fortunately the sunrise and morning at Lake Wendouree was pretty the rest of the day was pretty miserable. It always amazes what I can find on a visit to Lake Wendouree. Having been there literally hundreds of times, it seems there is always something different to capture, especially when you get light like this in just a short time! First image here is from St Pat's Point before I moved around to the west side of the lake.



With all the rain we are getting at the moment I was keen to visit some flowing water. Upstream from Moorabool Falls there are some nice smaller cascades that are looking vibrant, especially the mosses that cling to the rocks. A couple here in close and then a panorama to give you an overall idea of the location.
And still the rain continues......


Colour or Drama

Once again, on Wednesday afternoon I hit the road late afternoon with a particular location in mind that quickly changed when I realised the conditions looked more promising in the opposite direction. 
Can you get tired of rainbows? I think not! They are always an amazing sight and can be quite different as these 2 distinct ones show. The first one was along the Windermere - Learmonth Road and from there I headed a bit further west out to Burrumbeet North to catch the last 2 rainbows here. 
And in between the two there was some dramatic light over Mt Shallowback as the clouds moved through.


A Smaller Landscape

On a very grey, wet, wintery day on Tuesday I found this in the garden. A good chance to get out the macro lens and look into a smaller landscape than usual.
And these quiet days also gives me the chance to go back a day to Mondays fantastic skies out at Lake Burrumbeet. The last one here is Mt Buninyong being bombed by a passing downpour!


North and South

The west side of Lake Burrumbeet turned out to be a good choice for the sunrise on Monday morning. On the way out I had a feeling the clouds might co-operate and I was not disappointed. The first one here shows the colour looking to the north - you can see a rainfall squall moving through nicely.
Around 20 minutes later the sun found a hole in the clouds to light up the scene looking to the south across Sawyers Bay, just as another incredible cloud formation moved through.
I have quite a few other images of the amazing clouds to post a bit later on...some really spectacular images of an amazing morning.



The forecast for Sunday morning was calm and freezing cold and that's exactly how it turned out (minus 3.4, in fact!). I had a fantastic...