Friday, October 31, 2014

Just in Time

After a very warm end to October on Friday, a trip out to Lake Burrumbeet late in the day was just in time to catch the suns rays before the sun sunk behind a huge bank of clouds and snuffed out any chance of a big sunset. I hung around for a bit and did catch what seems to be the nightly fly by of pelicans as they skim across the lake's surface, always a great sight.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

On the Moorabool River

Here's a few more from last nights visit to Moorabool Falls and the Moorabool River West. The clear blue skies are what gives the first image here its bluish cast and some nice reflected light helped in the second one here, both about 20 metres upstream from the edge of the falls. You can probably see why I'm so keen to make the most of this location before the water runs out!


Over the Edge

On Thursday evening I made another visit down to the Moorabool River West. I'm going to make the most of the surprisingly good flow at the moment and this time I put myself right on top of the Moorabool Falls just as the sun was setting through the trees. No clouds around this evening so I thought this was an effective way of using the sun without having to rely on spectacular clouds to make the image. I'll post some more a bit later as I captured some nice images upstream from this spot and not so daringly close to the edge! It's really worth clicking on this for a bigger look......

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Reflecting On The Boatsheds

On Wednesday evening at Lake Wendouree the reflections of the boat sheds really caught my eye. The gentle swell of the water surface was creating some terrific patterns, and the late setting sun really added some strong saturation into the colours. This is a nice example of finding something when at first it doesn't look like a great night for photography, and all of this in a very short section along the lakes edge.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Saturday Extra

From my time with the Knox crew on the weekend, this is the end of the day at Lake Burrumbeet.

Lower Moorabool or Upper Granite Cascades

After last Thursdays visit down to the Moorabool River West area, on Tuesday I thought a return visit was a good idea, especially as we had some good rain on Monday night. With plenty of warm weather on the way, it won't take too long for the water levels to drop so I want to make the most of this location. On last weeks visit I spotted this area from way up high and it was certainly worth the effort to get to. Located between Moorabool Falls and Granite Falls the 5 feet height makes it almost worth naming as a waterfall, though I'll stick with Lower Moorabool Cascades for the time being. Plenty to work with here, and the last one shows what happens when the sun breaks through and lights up the fast moving water.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Moving All Around Me

On Monday I headed north out to Smeaton with a particular target in mind....that I couldn't find! Luckily I still managed to find some other great subjects - birds, cows and mills. The bird in the first one here was very flighty as I could only manage  a few shots out the car window before he (she?) flew off. The cows were the opposite...they were keen to find out what I was up to and kept moving closer and closer. When I got to the mill I knew I was pretty hasn't moved for over 150 years!