Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Taste of What's to Come

The forecast is for windy conditions for the next week, so I was keen to make the most of Wednesday morning's calm conditions to get some aerials. Out around Mt Warrenheip there was a some nice mist moving across the top of the mountain, and the sunrise from ground level was also very nice. Great to be back locally with the taste of what's to come this winter.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Back Home

First day home back in Ballarat after the great trip to the USA was a bit of a shock.......wet, grey and windy. And sunset has rushed forward till just after 5.30pm when I caught this on the north side of Lake Wendouree. There is still some nice autumn colours around town, and this view highlights the fallen leaves in the lake.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Early Morning, Early Evening

Arrived home this morning after the long flight from Los Angeles, that actually went surprisingly quickly. Whilst I get myself and my images organised, here's a couple of images from early in the trip at Death Valley National Park in California. 
Up early for the sunrise at Zabriskie Point where the initially disappointing conditions cleared for some spectacular light, and later in the day at the Mequite Dunes the ever moving clouds cast varying patches of sunlight across the of my favourite locations in all of the 59 USA National Parks.


Saturday, April 30, 2016

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Just got back from our 2 day visit to Santa Rosa Island, part of Channel Islands National Park. As I mentioned in the previous post it is a 2-3 hour ferry ride. however when we got up on Wednesday morning there was an email to tell us all trips had been canceled because of the expected high winds and sea swells. I was quiet disappointed, however we found out we were still able to get out to Santa Cruz Island, a closer of the 5 islands (that we have visited before). After checking in, and now waiting for the boarding call, the owner of the company came up to us with an offer......she could get us out to Santa Rosa later that morning if we were prepared to fly out! I had to think about that offer for about 0.5 seconds! So we had an amazing flight out to the island, getting to see the islands from a unique (and usually very expensive viewpoint!).
The winds on the island were ferocious, average 60-70kms, however the weather was quite sunny most of the time and we had a great time. The 3 hours ferry ride back was also great. Only a quick aerial image to share here...many, many more to go through once we return home, we leave on Sunday night.
And to top of the trip, our friends in Los Angeles who we spend the last night and day with, have arranged for a small plane flight over the city on Sunday morning!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reaching a Pinnacle

Once again I have returned from the wilds of camping, back to civilisation. Is this a good thing? I'm not so sure......!
Tonite we are in Ventura, about 70 miles up the coast from Los Angeles. We had 2 great days and nights in Pinnacles National Park, the newest addition to the 59 USA National Parks, being created in 2013. It's quite a small park so it was a good chance to see a lot of the park, with one big hike we did that went right through the park, and up and over the mountains. Attached is a shot from this mornings final short hike we did before heading south. Pinnacles has a very Australian feel to its rock formations, and made me think of the Warrambungles in northern NSW.
Tomorrow we are tackling the final leg of this National Park trip...we are taking a 2 hour ferry ride across to Santa Rosa Island, one of the 5 islands that make up Channel Islands National Park. This is one of the least visited areas we will have been to, there are only 14 camp sites on the island so the 2 nights camping should be a great experience. And then we have to think about coming home...........

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wildflower Wonder

We spent Saturday at Point Reyes National Seashore, about 40 minutes north of San Francisco. A spectacular coastal hike amongst the abundant wildflowers was a great way to spend the day. Afterwards, fish 'n' chips on the Sausalito Harbour, followed by another visit to the Golden Gate bridge to shoot this massive structure from a totally different viewpoint to the night before.....I think I prefer this series of the bridge as the reflection really added something nice.
Off to Pinnacles National Park today, back to camping for a couple of nights...I shall return!


Saturday, April 23, 2016

No prizes.....

No prizes for guessing where this was taken. ....... I'm not the first to take this view of the Golden Gate Bridge, but like all iconic views, when you do it yourself it feels quite special. A very impressive sight when looking down on the bridge, I may even go back for a second visit as we have 2 nights in Sausalito on the north side of the bridge.