Friday, May 22, 2015

They're Back!

Some great news from Fridays visit down to the Moorabool River - Moorabool Falls and Granite Falls are back in action! With the steady daily rain we've been getting the last couple of weeks, I thought a visit was worthwhile to see how things were going in what is my favourite location in the whole district. Though not massive yet, the flow was strong enough to give me a good chance to play around on the top of Granite Falls before moving upstream for the classic view of Moorabool Falls. Things will only get better the further we get into winter, and hopefully in the not too distant future, nearby Lal Lal Falls will also get going again.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Couple of Mountains

On Thursday afternoon I had a meeting out at Creswick so I planned it so I could head out north afterwards to see what I could find. It was very cold and windy, though there were some great breaks of sunlight across the hills around the Smeaton district, particularly over the 2 most iconic locations Mt Moorookyle and Mt Kooroocheang. 
As I was coming back home there was brief break of sunlight way out west through the wind farm towers that looked very nice, adding a bit of late colour to the afternoon.
We are starting to get some nice green to the landscapes which should get better and better as we progress officially into winter in a week or so.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pelicans, Pelicans, Pelicans

On Wednesday morning the sunrise didn't happen up at Lake Wendouree, though I did find this guy cruising around on the north side of the lake. He had 2 other mates with him for company. As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I was out at Lake Burrumbeet where there are huge masses of pelicans, and the last 2 pics here are from that visit. Maybe the 3 lone pelicans at Lake Wendouree wanted a break from the crowds at Lake Burrumbeet and flew into calmer waters - I know how they feel!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Silver and Gold

On Tuesday afternoon I went out to the south shore of Lake Burrumbeet, scouting a few locations and looking for pelicans. I found plenty of pelicans (I'll post them later) though it was the calm gentle swell of the water as the sun set that really caught my eye. The lower the sun got, the more the colour came into it, from a very metallic silver sheen right through to the golden finale. And amongst all this I grabbed a few images a long, long way away as some interesting clouds passed through the wind farm up north....the big zoom lens really works well for this sort of image.


Monday, May 18, 2015

What Are The Chances?!

On Monday morning I was out around the wind farm west of Ballarat and caught some lovely early morning light on the wind towers just as the sun was cresting the horizon behind me. Still some lovely subtle colour out to the west before the sun germs too strong. 
I often am not quite sure the exact name of the locations I'm at and was pleased to find an online map last night that gives me all the district boundaries around Ballarat. I used to call this location Mt Misery, now its officially within the boundaries of Ercildoune.
If you look at these 2 images closely you may notice that the blades are in the same position, suggesting that the 2nd image is just a crop of the first. However they are 2 totally different images (I took another one between them). I overlaid them and they are an almost perfect match...what are the chances of getting that again?!


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Far and Wide

Sunday morning forecast was for chance of fog so I was up early and out to Mt Warrenheip. No fog in sight, though I caught a nice new moon crescent above the battlements of Kryal Castle.
29 minutes later I was way out the other side of Lake Burrumbeet where I caught the sun rising just in time across a field of low lying fog....a very pretty sight - in case you're not sure, thats fog, not water! I covered a lot of miles this morning and really pleased to come home with something very special.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

East Morning, West Evening

I had a couple of trips around the district on Saturday. First it was out east to Mt Warrenheip when I spotted some low lying clouds around the peak at 9am, so rather than head off to do the groceries, I dashed out there just in time to catch the last tendrils of mist  before it burned away.
Later in the day I was out west of Ballarat on the north east corner of Lake Burrumbeet where a cloudless sky put on a nice show on the mildest day we've had for quite some time.