Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Two Trees

On Tuesday morning I found myself out around Smeaton and Koorrocheang. A heavy fog had moved in after leaving a clear Ballarat, and I spent some time working "trees in the fog" compositions. This was my favourite, and though it may look a bit strange it is a single image capture. This particular tree caught my eye and after a few images of it sitting in the paddock, I realised I was under another tree towering above me. Shooting a vertical format enabled my to capture both trees in the one image.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Yarroweeing Along

With all the excitement of the weekend behind me, on Monday things were a little more subdued. With so much water around at the moment, you don't have to travel too far to find something worth capturing, and these scenes came from a spot on the Yarrowee River north of the freeway in Brown Hill. There are some very pretty little spots along the river here, these ones just near Ditchfield Rd. 


A Weekend of Wonders

Finally, I've put together a gallery from the weekends travels with the Diamond Valley Camera Club. 24 members came up on Friday evening, and we hit the road well before dawn on Saturday and visited a number of my favourite locations...and everywhere we went we had fantastic conditions on a very cold, wintry day. Starting at Mt Buninyong for the sunrise where we even had a snow shower after a great colourful start. From there we hit my favourite location...Waterfall Way along the Lal Lal Creek and Moorabool River West Branch. The recent rains have all the falls flowing amazingly...I haven't seen this much flow for quite a while. That took us well past midday on the Saturday...after lunch we headed south west out of Ballarat, firstly stopping at Nimons Bridge, just past Scarsdale at Newtown. We were fortunate here when the farmer who owns the land around the bridge arrived and gave us permission to go into the paddocks next to the bridge, opening up what I think are the best views of this amazing old bridge. From there we ducked down to the nearby Devil's Kitchen for what turned out to be a very nice sunset.
The plans for Sunday morning before they all headed back to Melbourne, was to visit the west side of Lake Burrumbeet for the sunrise, and once again we had fantastic conditions, initially on the way out looking over to Weatherboard Hill shrouded in low lying fog, and then down on the shoreline of the lake the sunrise put on quite a show. And even after we left the lake to head back to Ballarat, just as we made it back up to the freeway, the view looking north to the wind farm was equally as spectacular as the morning views had been.
As you can imagine everyone went home thrilled with the weekend...as was I! It was great how they all embraced the conditions and everyone was happy to keep going at all times. 


Sunday, July 24, 2016

An Extra Bonus

Whilst I work on a full gallery from the weekend, I thought I'd post this image from Sunday morning. The plan for Sunday morning was to catch the sunrise on the west side of Lake Burrumbeet, and once again the convoy of 24 keen photographers left Ballarat well before sunrise, travelling through some quite heavy fog along Remembrance Drive before it cleared closer to the lake. As we were driving along the north side of the lake along the Freeway, we all noticed this amazing shroud covering Weatherboard Hill so once we turned off the freeay to head south down the west side of the lake, there is a section of the road that gives a high vantage point. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if I decided to stop for myself, or for the other members, it was such an amazing sight....and trust me, no one was complaining about this extra stop before we then made it down to the lake for what turned into a fantastic sunrise!
I've left this one quite large so make sure you click on it for a larger look.

Mt Buninyong Magic

Before I get on to the weekends excitement, I just wanted to let anyone who may be interested know - I will be interviewed on ABC Radio 774 tomorrow in the Gavin McGrath show around 10.40am, chatting about my new USA National Parks book...should be a bit of fun! 
After an epic weekend with the Diamond Valley Camera Club, I have a huge number of images to go through and it may take a while. So I just wanted to post this image that was one of the highlights of the weekend. Our first stop on Saturday was the side of Mt Buninyong for the sunrise. After the weather of the previous day and through all the rain I could hear throughout Friday night, I wasn't sure we were going to get much to shoot. However, once we all headed in convoy out of town the weather had cleared remarkably and we ended up with a very nice sunrise. And just as we were all getting ready to move on...it started to snow! Everyone was very excited, some more so than others as they had never actually been snowed on before. There was some incredible light out to the east...and this image hopefully conveys a sense of what we witnessed. I have left this larger than normal, so make sure you click on it for a larger look. The unique aspect of this images is that though it may appear to be very grainy, what you are seeing is the snow falling as I zoom into the distant scene. The darker bands in the centre of the image is actually rain much further away from where I was standing with the snow falling between me and the rain and giving it that grainy feel...I know, a bit hard to explain, but trust me...it was very special!
And wait til you see the others coming up......!


Saturday, July 23, 2016

No. 34 - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Only 34 days to go until the US National Park Centennial
No. 34 - Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee/North Carolina
Amazing colour on the Abrams Falls Trail

Friday, July 22, 2016

Redan Rapids

On Friday I spent some time playing around in the Yarrowee River at Redan. Only about 10 minutes from home this spot has a nice section of rocky cascades that gave me some fun playing with different shutter speeds and a circular polariser. And on the way back to the car I came across quite a few of these lovely purple flowers...is this a sign of spring?