The Last Post......

....well, for a while, at least!
This set comes from an early Saturday morning visit out around Addington and the wind farm. I knew the moon would still be almost full and with no clouds I knew it would add a nice element into the sky. I had to stop when I saw that lone cow silhouetted against the dam and then the next 2 show the wind towers before the sun had risen, and just after the sun had come up to bathe the landscape. Working my way back to Ballarat I made another couple of stops for the long view across to Lake Learmonth and then for the alpaca family.
Now, about the last post.....
Sunday morning we are heading south initially to Flinders Island from where we will be catching a boat north up to Erith Island (look that up on google...its pretty remote!). We will have around 2 weeks on this part of the trip before heading down to northern Tasmania for 6 nights touring the north part of the island. This was the original plan until I found out on Thursday that I've been offered a spot in the "Tarkine in Motion" Easter artists workshops as part of the Bob Brown Foundation's work on bringing more awareness to the Tarkine in north west Tassie. I'll be able to get some pretty remote access into this part of Tassie that's really hard to get to, so its going to be an exciting month coming up. I may not get a chance to post too much, especially in the first 2 keep an eye out for some exciting images and stories coming up!


More Colour

It's amazing how often we get great colour at Lake Wendouree and Friday morning was another example. This set was captured on the north side of the lake at Durham Point where the boat sheds there always offer a nice focal point to the images. 
And just for good measure I've added in a back and white image...which just might be my favourite!


Up At The Lake

On Thursday I made a couple of trips to Lake Wendouree. Around 6.30pm there were a few yachts out and with some very intense sun I was able to capture the first image here. By exposing for the brightness it has made the background appear really dark, giving a very strong graphical feel to the image. I love that small cloud, too!
An hour or so later I managed to catch the sunset and then the almost full moonrise....quite a combination for the day!


Duck Rise

Some of the most intense colour I have seen for quite a while at Lake Wendoure on Wednesday morning. This series was captured at Fairyland on the west side of the lake and the first 2 give a good overall view of where I was. They also show how quickly the light can change...there is about 6 minutes between these 2. 
It was the close-ups of the ducks that I really enjoyed capturing. The colour reflected off the water was amazing, and once again they show how the light went from the reds to the yellows.
The last one here is a bit unusual. Whilst at this spot I felt something fluttering around my head and soon realised this dragonfly was dangling from a single thread. It was whipping back and forth in the strong wind and took me quite a few attempts to catch one in focus. You can also see how there appears be to something extra on the front of the dragonflies head...I reckon this may be the body of the spider that had spun the web that caught the dragonfly.


Lovely Lal Lal

There was not too much in the way of clouds to work with on Tuesday morning, so I headed to this view across Lal Lal Reservoir that I knew would still give me some nice images. Some nice pre-sunrise colour was a nice start and as you can see in all these, the wooded point looks great from up close and from far away. 


Birds on a Wire

It took a while on Monday morning to find something worth capturing. It took the sun a while to crest the heavy cloud bank, and when it did I was out north of Ballarat at Mt Rowan where this row of birds were well placed. 
And later in the day the the white faced heron I had seen last week had climbed into the culvert under the path on the north side of Lake Wendouree that runs through to the North Gardens wetlands, and I managed 2 quick frames before he flew off.


The Towers

On Sunday morning I had a chance to capture the towers of Mt Warrenheip and Mt Buninyong. Well you can see it was a bit foggy and I had to wailt until they appeared through the fog.
And it gives me a chance to post a couple more images from that great morning at Mt Warrenheip from last week....once again featuring the towers.


The Last Post......

....well, for a while, at least! This set comes from an early Saturday morning visit out around Addington and the wind farm. I knew the moo...