Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ferntree Falls, Mt Buangor State Park

This is a follow on from the previous post. After leaving Moyston it was pouring by the time I made it into the Ferntree Falls at Mt Buangor State Park, and the wind was ferocious. I had to wait in the car for half an hour before it started to ease up, so I quickly donned the gumboots and made the short hike to the falls. I have only been here once before and it was still as pretty as I remember, and I was pleased there was a decent amount of water flowing. I clambered right up the top for the first image before starting on the most well known view of the falls. By this time the rain was really starting to come down again so I was happy to grab a few different compositions before heading back to the car.


Canoling Along

On Tuesday I travelled out west to Moyston, which is about 15km past Ararat to photograph some paddocks. It gave me the opportunity to shoot some nice canola fields (not the paddocks I was out there for) in 3 different locations. All quite different, not just in look, but in conditions. By the time I was leaving around 2pm there was a big front moving in and things were getting very dark. The rain really set in for a while....my plans were to drop in to Mt Buangor State Park to visit Ferntree Gully Falls....thats the next post.


Monday, September 29, 2014

I Didn't Forget.......

I was sitting in the backyard on Monday and I noticed that we have a forget-me-not bush blooming nicely at the moment. This triggered a realisation that the carpets of forget-me-nots that we get on the side of Mt Warrenheip may be blooming as well, so that determined Mondays excursion. Plenty to work with there, though I just managed to get there in time to catch some nice light before the sun dips below the ridge. Certainly worth a trip if you are local, its quite a sight.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Grand Finale

That's "Finale", not "Final". I have plenty of great weekend images to work through from the weekend with the Diamond Valley crew, though the end to the weekend was pretty special up at Lake Wendouree. I was content to pass on what looked like a cloudy end to the day after some really big winds throughout the afternoon, however I noticed just a slip of colour starting to appear when I looked out the kitchen window, so I flew up to the lake and caught a very colourful sunset. Also discovered where the missing swans from the MCG the day before had ended up....! Please, no comments about the Grand Final!


Catching Up

Just got back from a great weekend with the Diamond Valley Camera Group which went really week, everyone had a great time and they were a really friendly bunch. So I've got a lot of images to work through, starting with this very brief burst of light up near Ullina West when I was on my way out there on Friday afternoon to meet the group at Clunes. As you can see if you click on this for a bigger look, not much wind being caught by this windmill!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Zions Amazing Narrows

This weekend I've got a group from Melbourne's Diamond Valley Camera Club spending the weekend based out at Clunes. So I'm posting this recent image from Zion in Utah as a filler until I get back to post some great pics from the weekend. If you've got a big screen you can click on this for a bigger look - it's well worth it!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Once a Year....

......the Fritillaria meleagris blooms in the garden. This unique plant was in our front garden for a number of years always appearing seemingly out of nowhere, and fortunately Debbie decided it was worth moving with the rest of our things a year ago. Its in a pot at the moment until we get a bit more settled and always makes a nice subject.