Monday Morning Magic

Monday morning once again offered some nice low lying misty conditions. The first image here shows a few tendrils floating around Saddle Back Hill just next to Lake Learmonth. Down at lake level a lone twig sticks out of the water, whilst on the way back home to Ballarat a slight detour up a side road gave me this lovely view of the mist before the strong sun burnt it all off. And a windmill in the scene always helps!



With another forecast of a foggy morning on Sunday, I was up and out early and after getting caught in fog that was too thick to do anything with down around Lake Burrumbeet, I finally ended up north of Learmonth towards Mt Beckworth. We have a number of wineries in the Ballarat area and I've had it on my list to capture images from them, so it was nice to find one sitting in amongst the low lying mists. What made this even more special was the way just a few of the rows had turned into a lovely strip of autumn colour, making this quite a unique capture. 

Saturday Sights

Saturday was one of those days that offered some great, contrasting conditions. Starting with some misty conditions on the side of Mt Warrenheip around 9.30am, and after a generally cloudy day, a burst of sun snuck through just before sunset to light up the west side of Lake Wendouree, looking up towards the Botanical Gardens. Make sure you click on these for a bigger look, especially that 2nd one!


A Few More

A few days back you may remember I had a great early morning out at the wind farm around Waubra and Addington. After capturing the aerials, I spent some time at ground level in the hills up the back of Addington where the light was really nice, helped out by a few sheep! This is another location I visit regularly and it has a real Scottish Highlands feel to it.


Let There Be Light

Some great rain overnight really freshened things up on Friday. However the day remained mostly grey and overcast, until....just before sunset the sun managed to break free, creating a lovely golden glow up at Lake  Wendouree where I caught these images. I quite like that branch reflection!
Earlier in the day there was a very brief glimpse of some sunlight across the landscape looking north off the side of Mt Warrenheip. That's Clarkes Hill on the horizon below the dramatic clouds.


A Lake Morning

After an amazing run of great foggy calm conditions over the last few days, on Thursday morning the wind was up, dispelling any chance of low lying mists. Nevertheless the sunrise was still very nice at the end of the rowing course at Lake Wendouree. I've spent many sunrises at this spot and it can still deliver something memorable as this series shows.


Burrumbeet Beauty

Heading west early Wednesday morning for another great sunrise, this time with just a touch of morning fog. However look at that colour! One of the biggest explosions of colour I've seen for a while out at Lake Burrumbeet. I knew on the way out of Ballarat that the clouds were looking good and they didn't disappoint. 
After the colour show there was some lovely early sunrise light a bit further down the west side of the lake from up high, and from ground level as well. 
We've been in an amazing patch of superb morning conditions this last week or so...will be interesting to see what Thursday brings......


After the Burn-offs

Another fantastic foggy morning on Tuesday out north of Lake Burrumbeet. This is what the paddocks look like after the recent burn-offs...quite spectacular, isn't it? We are getting some amazing conditions lately, autumn really is a lovely time for photography.


Amongst the Towers

We've been getting some great conditions lately, some more great foggy conditions on Monday morning out at Addington at the wind farm. One in colour and one in black and white...what do you think?


Striking Saturday

Getting back to Saturday's a series from the foggy shores of Lake Learmonth after the aerials I shared previously. Some very intense early morning colour, intensified by the fog. And whilst on the way back home I made another stop for this great fogbow - first time I've had a fogbow with the moon!
And a nice end to the long easter weekend on Monday evening at Lake Wendouree.


Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening

I've still got some great images to share from the fantastic Saturday morning, however this post shows a range from Sunday. A quick visit out to Clarkes Hill for sunrise for a very brief patch of colour was followed by a nice end to the day at Lake Wendouree. And though it was Easter Sunday, there was still some leftover smoke haze out west intensifying the colour. View Points shelter was looking good in the golden light, and then yet another (but why not?!) image of a swan! The last one here shows a cormorant getting ready for lift off, perched on the huge tree that fell over last weekend located  just east of the Ballarat Yacht Club. Usually trees that fall over like this are cleaned up pretty quickly by council, however this one has become a favourite of the cormorants...maybe it will stay for a while! There's usually quite a few birds perched on its branches.



Saturday morning's forecast was for calm and favourite! Heading out well before dawn I had plenty of time to scout out around west of Ballarat and ended up on the road that runs between Lake Learmonth on the north and Saddleback Hill to the south. With plenty of fog and plenty of open, clear views, the combination of the two gave me a fantastic range of images. As you can see in the second and fourth images, the top of Saddleback is a fantastic rock-rimmed plateau. In fact the second image could almost be in the Scottish Highlands! The third and fifth images are looking west over towards Weatherboard Hill.


On The Hunt

As we get further into autumn, I'm keeping a close eye on the changing leaves and on Friday I did a bit of a scout around the Kingston area (north of Creswick). It's still a bit early though there are a few nice patches appearing like this blaze of colour on the Kingston-Weerona Road. That's Forest Hill in the background.
And then another intense burn-off sunset looking acres to Mt Beckworth and its lollipop tree. I really like those shadows in the close-up view.


Monday Morning Magic

Monday morning once again offered some nice low lying misty conditions. The first image here shows a few tendrils floating around Saddle Bac...