A Smorgasbord - Take Your Pick!

A big day of photography on Thursday with multiple locations captured. 
Started with a nice start to the day at Lake Wendouree in between some very heavy rain just after sunrise...these 2 images from the end of the rowing course where the sky was putting on quite a show.
Later in the morning I made a visit out to "The Farm", my year long project capturing the various activities, this time in amongst the cows. Whilst out that way the canola was suddenly bathed with a sunny break that really lifts the colour, especially with some dramatic skies.
Around 6pm I was coming back from a visit out near Smeaton where, once again, the sun broke through to light up one of the old mullock heap mines.
And I thought that was it for the day, though around 7.30 a touch of colour in the sky tempted me back up to Lake Wendouree for a colourful end to a great day.


Row Row Row Your Boat

The local Ballarat schools have all started their rowing programs in the last week or so and an early morning visit to Lake Wendouree gives you a good idea of the effort they put into their training, especially from up high! It must be nice to be out on the lake on such mild, calm mornings such as this.
You may remember in a couple of recent posts I've shown a guitar shaped small dam out near Lake Learmonth. Correct me if I'm seeing something that's not there, however in the last image here can you see the guitar shaped island?!


A Moon and a Grebe But No Clouds!

The forecast for Tuesday morning was for clear conditions, however I knew there would be a nice crescent moon just before sunrise and so I placed myself near the Fly Fishers Club to catch the first couple of images here. On the way home around the lake a stop on the west side of the lake gave me a couple of nice crested grebe images just before the sun rose.
Whilst clouds are often what I'm after to add drama to my images, I think this set is a nice example of not having to rely on them to capture interesting images.


Pelicans in the Mist

Another fantastic morning on Monday at Lake Burrumbeet.....plenty of images to work through, I'll post this one whilst I get myself organised......

The South Shore

I don't visit the south shore of Lake Burrumbeet all that often as I feel other areas of the lake have far more to offer. However, on Sunday morning I think you'll agree the pickings weren't too bad at all! Gotta love those pelicans!


The Two Towers

On Saturday morning the conditions looked a bit flat to start with on the side of Mt Buninyong. However as soon as the sun had risen high enough to add a bit of light to the scenery, it all changed. These 2 images show the towers on the top of the mountain sitting amongst the fog that was constantly changing as it moved through. In the 2nd image you can see the lookout tower that I'm sure many of you have visited at some stage....great views from up there! By the time I had finished the fog had really built up and was almost too thick to see through.


A Friday Morning

Friday morning was very overcast...and calm. So I took the opportunity to capture some images at View Point at Lake Wendouree. Taken around 20 minutes or so before sunrise, the blue hour effect is at its best in these. And almost half way through October and it's nice to see the rowing crews are already preparing for the next season.


A Quick Trip to Somewhere Exotic

Would you believe me if I said that on Thursday I had a very quick visit to the Kimberleys? This first image certainly has that feel to it, yet is only around 30 minutes drive from Ballarat (and a bit of bush bashing to get to this spot!).
This is the Woady Yaloak River upstream of where it flows into the Devil's Kitchen. After the excellent rain we had the night before I was looking for water features on what was a generally grey, overcast day. And when the sun did break through very briefly it added something really special to the view, contrasting so well against the dark sky.
And yes, I did find the Devils Cascades....well worth the effort to get into this secluded spot.


Spring Colour

I detected a hint of colour in the sky well before dawn on Wednesday morning and had a feeling we were in for a colourful start to the day. Up at Lake Wendouree that's exactly what happened. This series taken around the Palm Pond on the west side of the lake...I think the colour here speaks for itself!
The first image is the first one I took....you can see just a touch of colour on the sky before it really fired up for the second and third ones here. The last three, all taken with my big zoom lens, once again show how that extra element of birds can add so much to an image.


A Bit of Bull at Burrumbeet!

A fantastic morning at Lake Burrumbeet on Tuesday when the fog bank over the lake created some extraordinary conditions. A couple from up high, and then one from down low where I was quite content to let this bull stay on his side of the fence!
Plenty more from this morning to come......


Abstract Journey

One of the things I like about aerial photography is looking for abstract images. On Monday, with no clouds in the sky, the conditions were ideal for images that were based around looking down, and the mullock heaps out north of Creswick always offer some interesting perspectives. It's very hard to tell the scale on these, isn't it?
And after all that fun of flying, a couple of views caught my eye from ground level...this view up a country lane looking across to Mt Beckworth. And then I just managed to fire off one shot of this kanga sitting in a field of wheat before he bounded away.


Just another day at Lake Wendouree

Just another day at Lake Wendouree on Sunday......starting with a couple of images at sunrise. First up is the school boat sheds sitting below the moon. Just a few minutes later a brief burst of colour out to the east, added to by the flock of ibis that chose just the right time to fly past.
Later in the day from almost the same spot, this view of another set of boat sheds on the north side of the lake looked good below the dramatic sky out to the east (opposite the sunset).



On Saturday morning I was on the side of Mt Warrenheip shooting some aerials in the mist as the sunrise put on quite a colourful show...however........
I had packed up and was on my way back to Ballarat, a few miles from the mountain, when I looked back at the mount and realised the low lying mist had moved in and the rising sun was lighting it up. Remembereing my visit recently when I had spent some time capturing the forget-me-nots there, I knew I had to get back...and quickly! And I'm glad I did...the conditions were perfect! Here's a selection from a very brief few minutes before the wind blew all the mist away.....


A Smorgasbord - Take Your Pick!

A big day of photography on Thursday with multiple locations captured.  Started with a nice start to the day at Lake Wendouree in between s...