Baled Up

I've been waiting for the right light at this field of bales for a few days now, and on Tuesday morning it was just about perfect. Out west of Ballarat, I don't think I've ever seen so many bales in the one paddock and I knew from up high the early morning golden light would be great with the long shadows.



I'm running a bit late getting todays post out there......
Not a lot to work with on Monday though I quite like this star amongst the trees at the North Gardens on the west side of Lake Wendouree. And these quiet days gives me a chance to post a few catch up images from the last couple of weeks...and quite a smorgasbord it is....
Some early morning swallows at Lake Burrumbeet
Curious cow
Backyard Moon amongst the clouds
Sawyers Bay Sunrise
The 4 Yachts at Lake Wendouree

Sunday Scenics

Sunday morning started quite foggy on the top of Mt Buninyong. However it didn't take too long for the fog to clear and once the sun broke through it changed the whole landscape. When I headed out this morning I was tempted to visit Mt Warrenheip...however I would never have got the view in the last one here...that's Mt Warrenheip from Mt Buninyong.


The Rewards of the Cold

On Saturday it felt like we had gone back to winter with cold winds and rain on and off throughout the day. However, it was well worth any discomfort as it gave me some conditions I haven't had for quite a while. This set were taken out around Windermere and Burrumbeet, north of the freeway, late afternoon when some interesting clouds convinced me to head out then, rather than waiting for the sunset. Worked out quite well, I reckon!


A Bonus End

We got some welcome rain on Friday here in Ballarat and district on a mostly grey day. I was watching the Big Bash and around 8.15pm I noticed the light had brightened outside, so I made my way up to Lake Wendouree where I was treated to a real bonus end to the day. The four yachts I have been photographing recently made a nice focus point for this series as the clouds put on a fantastic display. I really love the painterly reflections in the second one here.


Twenty Nine Minutes of Sky

Some awesome skies on Thursday morning out on the west side of Lake Burrumbeet. These are taken 29 minutes apart and it's interesting to see how the clouds in the first image quickly developed as the sun rose. This is a spot I visit frequently...and these clouds are why I keep going back!



I made another early morning visit to the Ballarat Yacht Club on Wednesday. A few months ago one lone yacht was moored away from the docks and offered me some nice images....then that grew recently to three yachts. There must be something in the water because we now have 4 yachts sitting serenely in the water and the soft pastel colour in the sky created a very serene view.
Whilst I was there a group of kayakers added a nice extra element to the scene by gliding through the scene...I couldn't have planned it better if I tried!


South Shore Showtime

On Tuesday morning I wasn't planning on returning to the south shore of Lake Burrumbeet, however  I could see from way up north that it had potentially the best conditions. And I'm glad I did. Once again this spot provided me with a fantastic range of images as the low lying mists floated across the lake.
And I haven't even got to the pelican images yet!



Isn't it nice to know that amongst all this intense heat, you can still find pockets like this to escape to....



On Sunday morning I took a friend from Cody, Wyoming in the USA, out to Lake Burrumbeet to see if we could find some pelicans. Bob has just come from minus 20 degrees less than a week ago, so Saturday was a pretty warm, though on Sunday morning the conditions were cool, calm and ideal. Initially there were just a couple around, however as we got closer to the sunrise they started to move in and we were also joined by hundreds of cormorants, the most I've ever seen here. A spectacular sight when viewed from up high. 
Make sure you click on these for a larger than normal view! 


Lighting the Tower

On Friday evening I was driving down Sturt Street, Ballarat and I noticed that the Town Hall has some new lights on it that nicely light up the tower. Filing this away for future reference, it was just a few hours later on Saturday morning when I was up nice and early and thought it might be a good chance to get an image. No hiding what time I was there in this image .... the addition of the lights makes a huge difference to the image...previous visits here have always left me with a dark tower and no detail.
I'm glad I made the effort early in the morning as it turned out to be quite a hot day!

Carpet Call

Another fantastic 2018 morning on Friday, this time again at Mt Warrenheip where I had a carpet of low lying fog to play around with. Once again I have heaps of of amazing images from this morning that I'll get to soon.....
And we're in for a very hot one today...will be interesting to see what I can find!


2018 continues to deliver fantastic conditions, this time on Thursday morning at Lake Burrumbeet. I've photographed this tree group many times in the past, though I have never come across them with so many swallows. They were flying back and forth for quite a while, pretty oblivious to me being there.
Once again I have heaps of great images from this morning that I'll get to later on......

First Fog

The first foggy morning of the New Year on Wednesday and the top of Mt Warrenheip is always a great spot to grab a few images of the towers on the top with the mist swirling around.


Do we have a contender already for image of the year? On Tuesday morning, the second day of the year, at Lake Wendouree at sunrise I captured an image that I feel will stand the test throughout the year. You have most likely seen a number of images of the red yacht that has been moored just off the Ballarat Yacht Club for quite some time and finally everything lined up for the perfect shot.
I've got plenty of other great images to share, including some surreal video, however this one deserved it's own post.

Day One

The New Year got off to a nice start on Monday evening. First it was the sun breaking through behind Mt Buninyong that had me making my first stop. And then I had the moon to play around with, and using my big zoom lens really brings it in close.  And whilst the full moon is officially on Tuesday, it was looking pretty full to me as I was capturing these images down around Yendon and Warrenheip.


Wednesday Wonder

Just a few pelicans on Wednesday morning......with a few friends. 6